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Finnish Maritime Pilots' Association is the trade association for Finnish pilots and pilot orderers. It seeks to protect the professional, legal, and social interests of its members and to promote maritime safety and flexibility.

The association was founded in 1918 under the name Finlands Lots- och Fyrpersonalförening - Suomen luotsi- ja Majakkahenkilökunnanyhdistys (Finland's Pilot and Lighthouse Staff Association), and the drafting of the rules started. The constituent meeting led to the legal founding of the first proper pilot association. It entered the Register of Associations under the aforementioned name on January 16th 1920.

After its founding the association quickly sought to set up subsections, as they were termed in the first rules. By 1920 seven local branches had joined it, with a total of 596 members. Today Finnish Maritime Pilots' Association has approximately 160 members, of which about 150 are pilots. This number has decreased over recent years as the number of pilots in Finland has fallen.

Maintaining and developing maritime safety has been the goal of the association for over 90 years. Finnish pilots are known for being highly professional in their field both domestically and internationally.

Finnish Maritime Pilots' Association is a member of European Maritime Pilots' Association (EMPA).

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